Surcharge Policies and Additional Fees

Cancellation Policy/Fee: To cancel or reschedule your order, at least 24 hours notice prior to your delivery date is required to avoid any cancellation fees. If a bin is canceled or rescheduled on the same day and interferes with the day’s dispatch schedule, a fee of $100.00 will apply. Quality Age Build’s drivers will do their best to ensure that bins are successfully dropped off and picked up, however, for example, will not be responsible for picking up bins that are overloaded, blocked in or unsafe to retrieve. Applicable fees will apply.

Materials NOT Allowed in the Bin: The following materials are NOT allowed in the bin: propane tanks and cylinders, ammunition, leftover paint, paint cans, paint thinner, stains and varnish, household cleaning products, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, tires, motor oil, gasoline and antifreeze aerosol cans, pesticides and fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and biomedical waste, any chemicals, or any other hazardous waste. If hazardous waste is inside the bin and visible to the driver, the bin will not be picked up and additional fees of $125.00 will apply. If it is not visible upon pick-up, but revealed at the transfer station, additional fees of $125.00 will apply.

Hook Fee: In some cases, you may require the bin to be moved, rather than taken away. A hook fee of $100.00 will be applied for on-site relocations (same delivery address). On booking, the customer representative team will inquire about bin position on delivery. If incorrect instructions are provided and you would like the driver to return to reposition the bin, this hook fee will apply. For example, if there is a snowy and icy driveway, debris, or parked vehicles in front of the bin, etc. Quality Age build drivers will ensure that the Disposal  is dropped off in a safe and convenient place if customers do not request a specific location. In some cases, a customer may request the bin to be moved (rather than taken away), and a hook fee will be applied as the driver must return and relocate the bin.

Leveling Fee (garbage bins) A $50.00 fee may apply if your mixed garbage load is over the wall height and the driver is able to safely remove or redistribute the contents for safe transportation. Disposal bins must only be filled level to the top of the wall height. If your load is over the wall height and the driver can not quickly and safely redistribute the load, the bin will NOT be picked up and can be rescheduled for pick up once the bin is safe to transport (all contents are below wall height). This is necessary because by law our tarp system must be engaged for safe transport, according to the Highway Traffic Act -regulation 363/04. The same policies also apply to any bin that has been filled with material that impedes the safe and complete closure of the bin doors.

Leveling Fee (concrete, dirt, or asphalt bins) A $50.00 fee will be to any dirt, concrete or asphalt bins where the material is piled up over the wall height or if the load is not evenly distributed if the driver is able to within a few minutes and safely from the outside of the bin. This is necessary because by law our tarp system must be engaged for safe transport, according to the Highway Traffic Act -regulation 363/04. If your load is over the wall height and the driver can not quickly and safely redistribute the load the bin will be left for the customer to remove items or redistribute items. Then the customer will need to call us again to reorder another pick up. The customer will now incur a leveling fee, hook fee, and additional daily charges.

Separation Fee: There is a $100.00 separation fee for mixed debris on single debris flat rate bins if the debris can be removed safely by the Quality Age Build driver on pick up. If flat rate bins (dirt, concrete bin and asphalt bin) are mixed with other materials such as garbage, a change order will occur to a Mixed Garbage Bin which is charged by weight. Please review your invoice for items not accepted in the bin rented. A dirt bin can only contain dirt and small amounts of sod. A concrete bin can only contain concrete and aggregate (ask for details). An asphalt bin can only contain poured asphalt that might be removed for example from driveways or parking lots and do not include asphalt shingles. Please read your invoice carefully for accuracy and clarification of charges.

Bin Pick Ups: Please provide at least one (1) business day’s notice for bin pick ups. The Quality Age Build Team will do their best to accommodate customer requests, however, please be aware that some factors are outside of our control such as traffic and weather conditions.

Change Order: If a bin has been sold as a type of bin, but on pick up, it is a different bin, Quality Age Build reserves the right to re-invoice the customer with the correct pricing for their bin service. For example, if a customer orders a dirt bin however on pick up, it is a mixed rubble bin, the difference in pricing will apply. All invoices include what can and cannot be included in the bin ordered. Please review it to ensure accuracy of the items disposed of.

Extended Rental Period: All rentals include a 7-rental. If additional time is required, it is billed at $5 per day or $35 per week. The bin pick up must be scheduled by the 6th day of your rental period to avoid additional charges. If contact is made on the 8th day of your rental period, a $5 per day extension fee will apply.

Weight Calculation: 907 kgs = 2000 lbs = 1 Ton (US Short Ton) Industry Standard

Weight Overages: If your bin exceeds the included weight in your original rental price, the prorated amount due will automatically be charged to the original method of payment. All weight overage invoices will be emailed to the email address provided on booking. Upon request, a weight slip can be provided. Quality Age Build is not liable for factors outside of our control that contribute to the weight of your bin such as rain or snow. The weight of the bin is calculated and processed based on the weight of the bin at pick up.

Overweight and Illegals Loads: Dirt, asphalt or concrete cannot be disposed of in our Mixed Garbage Bins. If on pick up, the driver discovers dirt, asphalt or concrete inside the bin and is unable to successfully pick it up, fees will apply such as the need for an additional bin. The maximum weight of the bin cannot exceed 5 tons.