Rental Agreement

The rental agreement is offered and accepted under the following terms and conditions:

1.  All bins must remain in the same place where the Quality Age Build driver dropped it off.
2. Bins dropped off on-road must have a valid permit from the city displayed on the bin and a copy of the permit must be emailed to Quality Age Build  a minimum of 2 days prior to drop off date. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the safety of the bin and its contents.
3.  All Quality Age Build bins must be at the property and for the purpose described by the customer, stated on the invoice.

Payment Terms and Conditions: Invoices are due upon receipt. All bins must be paid for before they are dispatched for delivery. If your account has outstanding balances and payment is not received within thirty (30) days, your invoice will be sent to an outside collection agency, in which our company will no longer be able to assist to resolve the transaction further.

Property Liability: Quality Age Build drivers are fully trained and take all precautions when dropping off and picking up bins. Driveway protection is included in all rentals. Quality Age Build is not liable for any potential damages that may occur to your property during your rental as we take every precaution possible. Our driveway protection prevents scratches but cannot prevent sinking due to the weight of the bin and external factors outside of our control that are non-preventable, such as weather conditions.

Damage Waiver: Drivers will try their best to accommodate any customer requests for bin placement. The driver dropping off the bin might foresee the potential for property damages by carrying out the customer’s request. If the customer still wishes to proceed, the driver will have the customer sign a damage waiver. In addition, Quality Age Build is not responsible for any materials or substances customers place in the bin that might leak out and stain/cause damage to customer’s driveway or property.

Live Load: A live load is defined as a 30 minute or less appointment to load the disposal bin. Our drivers are unable to assist with disposing of items and are there to wait for the bin to be filled. If the driver is on site for longer than 30 minutes, it will be billed at $1/minute thereafter.

Damages to Bin: Please notify us if any damage occurs to the bins while on your property/job site. Please be aware that at no time shall persons relocate the disposal bin on their property. The bin must remain in the same location as originally placed on drop off. If damages occur to the bin due to terms and conditions of this invoice not followed, repair charges may apply.

Contractor/Client Conflict: Confidentiality must always remain between Quality Age Build and our customers. At no point will Quality Age Build get involved with contractor and client conflict. If you are ordering a bin to a location that you do not have ownership to, please ensure that appropriate permission has been granted before the bin has been delivered.

Marketing: Client agrees to allow us to utilize any photos, descriptions, reviews, quotes, texts, or videos of the property for marketing purposes. By inquiring about our services or doing business with us, you are giving your consent to receive notifications and messages (e-mail or text) regarding our promotions or services.

Winter Policy: Customers must have the driveway and/or pathway clear of snow and ice and have the area well salted including around the bin to ensure successful drop off and pick up of your disposal bin during the winter months. If the bin pick up/or drop off is not able to be completed due to snow or ice issues, a service fee will apply.

Reinvoicing: If a bin has been sold/invoiced as a single debris flat rate bin (such as a dirt or concrete bin, as outlined on the invoice), and if multiple types of debris are found in the bin upon pick up, Quality Age Build reserves the right to re-invoice the customer as a mixed garbage bin at the current rates. Please check your invoice for accuracy it reflects what was discussed at the time of order. Please contact our office if you have any questions.

General Inquiries: Please contact the office at (647)287-1107 for all your disposal bin needs and questions. Please refrain from contacting our drivers as they are busy fulfilling orders and do not have access to information and software to process your requests such as scheduling bin pick ups or changing your bin orders. 

Customer Information: It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the office with their accurate information, from contact information to delivery address. If you incorrectly provide information on booking which affects the success of your bin delivery, a $100.00 fee will apply to correct this error. If the error cannot be fixed, such as the delivery address being outside of our service area, a cancellation fee may apply. Please see the above cancellation fee for more information. 

Asbestos Disposal: It is the responsibility of the Asbestos Abatement team to safely and properly remove the asbestos and prepare it for transportation according to the Ministry of Environment rules and regulations. At no time, will our drivers be required to touch the Asbestos. Please ensure on pick up that the Asbestos is double bagged, and the liner or lid has been closed tightly. If at any point, a tear or rip occurs in the bin liner during disposal, please call us immediately at (647)287-1107. When you are ready for the bin to be picked up, a photo of the bin will be requested before the bin is scheduled to ensure proper disposal.